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All of Our Yarns, Sweaters, and Accessories are 100% Angora!
Angora Yarns Angora Wool

If you have been looking for the best quality Angora yarn, you have definitely come to the right place. Our products combine a beautiful blend of color and texture. Our Angora yarn is hand-spun, extremely soft and warm, perfect to warm up those cold winters!


White, Mauve, Orange, Peach, Crimson, Coral, Raspberry, Cranberry, Fuchsia, Cherry, Burgundy, Wine, Red, Italian, Red Chocolate, Black, Grey, Light Lilac, Light Blue, Sky Blue, Dark Orchidea, Royal Blue, Dark Cyan, Navy Blue, Medium Sea Green, Light Yellow, Green, Emerald, Apple,  Green, Green Grass, Mint, Lemon, Yellow, Soft Yellow, Khaki and Tobacco.

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Handspun 100% Angora Yarn available in:
Natural white ball | 50 gram. | 60 yards; 1,76 oz. | $28.98 –
Hand dyed colors | 50 gram. | 60 yards; 1,76 oz. | $22.00 to $27.98.

Our yarns are the ultimate in luxury, and we have an incredible range of over 35 gorgeous colors for you to choose from. We have perfect 100% Angora wool skeins and many accessories to meet all your knitting requirements.

Angora Yarns Custom Made

Knitwear & Accessories

Our customized sweaters and cardigans come in various designs with specialized trimmings to make you look and feel fantastic. You can order regular sizes or custom made sizes. Check out our sizing chart to determine your size for a guaranteed heavenly Angora experience.


For those of you who don’t want to do all of the knitting work let us do it for you! We knit anything from sweater, scarves, mittens and hats in any color you desire.

Choose from our display of Angora sweaters and accessories

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Novelty Angora Sweaters

Angora sweaters are exclusive. It won’t be easy to find angora clothing today. Our sweaters are available in a variety of styles with personalized finishing touches.

You can choose to trim and rib your necklines, sleeves and base or give it just a classic fine line. We also give you the option to choose any shade from our chart of over 35 natural and hand dyed radiant colors.

Our sweaters are hand knitted by experienced knitters and delivered within 10-15 days
if not already made.