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Angora Rabbits

Angora Rabbits
There are four major breeds of Angora rabbits: the French, English, Satin and the Giant. However, we have our very own breed.

Angora Rabbit1. Our Special Breed of Angora rabbits
After years of breeding different types of Angora rabbits we came across a new breed. It is very similar in appearance to the Giant Angora, but produces a furrier and plusher yarn.

Angora Rabbit2. French Angora
Angora rabbits are wool-producing rabbits. The French was bred for wool production and for meat. Their ideal weight is 8lbs, but they can get as big as 10 1/2 at maturity. The outer guard hairs usually grow to be about 6″ long and it is very important that any Angora rabbit be groomed. They come in white, mostly solid colors, and broken patterns. A French Angora should have only short hair on its face, and long hair only on the tips of the ears if at all.

Angora Rabbit3. English Angora
The average weight of an English Angora is about 6 1/2 lbs. They are the smallest Angora breed recognized by the ARBA. They have furry faces and ears, and are popular both as show rabbits and as pets. They are said to have friendly personalities.

Angora Rabbit4. Satin Angoras
This type of Angora breed produces the softest Angora fiber. Frequently mixed with silk, this fiber is said to have an amazing shine and luster. They can get to be about 9 1/2 lbs. They have varied personalities and are apparently very similar to French Angoras.

Angora Rabbit5. Giant Angoras
The largest of the Angora family and the best wool producers, these gentle giants are only recognized by the ARBA in natural white. These bunnies can reach up to 12 lbs or more at maturity, and their wool can reach up to 10″ long if allowed. The wool has a minimum of coarse guard hair and so is very soft and more or less matt free. They tend to be placid and slow moving and have gentle personalities. Like all rabbits, they make good pets as well as for show or wool production.