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Angora Baby Booties

Cute Fluffy Baby Booties

100% Natural Angora Booties – Order Today!
The season combines opulent color palettes with contemporary yet timeless collection of pieces.

All our knitwear is made with our Hand Knitting -100% Angora rabbit hand spun yarn. These accessories will shelter you and protect you from the cold, wind, with smoothness and comfort. A texture that you will enjoy and your family will cherish for a lifetime.

Angora booties are made from 100% fluffy angora rabbit wool. We make them in various colors and sizes for you and your little ones! These luxurious booties will keep your babies feet warm on any cold night.

Our booties are the fluffiest around. These angora booties are hand-spun and we guarantee that you have never felt anything so soft, warm, and most importantly, fluffy! This angora product will not cease to amaze you. They are of the highest quality Angora, and we promise you and your baby will love these booties!