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Angora Sweater – 100% Natural

Is As Furry or Fluffy As It Can Get! Elegant, Comfortable,
and Just Fantastic!

angora-woolA Perfect Gift for Any Woman in Your Life!

Angora wool comes from the Angora breed of rabbits, and it is widely considered one of
the softest, most elegant, and beautiful yarns in existence. The color, feel and softness
of these yarns is what make Angora products so luxurious and in such high demand by
royalty all over the world.

The wool is much warmer than regular sheep’s wool, while also finer and more resistant to

Angora is considered one of the most charming, light and beautiful fibers in the world.
It is sought after for its natural fur-like halo and its insulating and warming
properties. But its remarkable beauty is only one of its many benefits.

Angora fiber underwear is medically prescribed for drug-free pain relief.

Nature provides the Angora rabbit with a fiber coat that sheds periodically. This coat is
easily removed by plucking when “ripe” and causing zero harm or damage to the rabbit. It
can also be sheared with manual or electric clippers very much like it is done to a

Angora fiber is only 10 microns and far surpasses that of other wools such as Cashmere
(16 microns) and Merino (17 microns) in fineness.

The bunnies themselves are beautiful and allowed to live long and happy lives as they
grow their fabulous fiber. The Angora rabbit sheds like a dog or cat, and its fiber is
combed off the rabbit (plucked) during its seasonal shedding occurring about 4 times a
year. This grooming in no way harms the rabbit, as only the portion of the coat that has
released is removed by hand. This fabulous, exclusive fiber comes in several natural

Why Hand Spun Angora Rabbit Yarn?

Handspun yarn is like fine, aged wine from the winemaker’s reserve, an original oil
painting, or a bouquet of fresh flowers. It’s just sumptuous! The upside is that no
rabbits have been hurt to produce these Angora Products so you may say they are “the
guilt-free fur.”

Angora Rabbit

What is the difference between handspun and commercially spun yarn?
Handspun yarn flows through your hands and feels alive. The warmth and ability to feel
natural fibers that are not machine spun will become apparent with the first stitch and
knowing the finished garment will be cherished for generations.

What can you do with handspun yarn?
Anything! You can hand knit with it, you can machine knit with it, crochet, weave,
needlepoint, embroider—whatever you can dream, you can do with handspun yarn. Some like
to make Christmas stockings with it, others a full coat or cozy blanket, others prefer
the luxury of a bolero… or a cute pair of booties…the possibilities are endless.

Given the amount of hours and skill that goes into knitting and the amount of delight
expected for the wearing, this is the ideal yarn to make the knit sweater truly special.
With all the options that are open to the knitter and the feel and fluffiness of the
Angora yarn, the final hand knitted garment can be
a truly wonderful work of art! You owe yourself this treat!!

Incidentally, I have heard a comment from several places (including a well–known art
school), that handspun yarn isn’t strong enough to be used as warp for weaving! A friend
of mine has a favorite expression that fits: “That’s a bunch of hooey!” I’ve never had a
handspun warp thread break! Handspun can be done as tightly as you need for warp or as
lofty as you could ever imagine for weft. The natural dyes work wonderfully for hand–
painted warps, as well as for solids or variegated blends. So weavers, you can do

Why Angora Rabbit Yarn?
Nature provides the Angora rabbit with a dense fur that sheds or molts periodically. Its
fibers are easily removed by plucking when “ripe,” and they’re also sheared with manual
scissors or electric clippers. Throughout the process, there is no harm in any manner
caused on the rabbit. Unlike commercial Angora we use only plucked Angora, which ensures
that the length of the Angora fiber is significant enough to stay part of the yarn. The
fibers do not require washing, picking, combing, or carding before spinning and thus it
is never damaged.

It can also be spun very fine and with a high twist, and since the fibers are not all
straightly aligned as with machine spun yarns, you can achieve a terrific fur looking
finished knitwear or accent which no machine spinning yarn can ever yield!

Angora wool is so soft, so fine, and seven times warmer than sheep’s wool. It is a
natural hollow chambered fiber that provides the best natural insulation while allowing
body moisture to escape, keeping the wearer dry and warm. It is ideal for baby garments,
winter underwear, sweaters (12 balls for a small size full Angora sweater), hats (2),
scarves (4-9), and mittens (2). See our sizing chart for more specific information.

Many people who find sheep’s wool too irritable and scratchy will find Angora wool a
beautiful alternative for warmth and comfort. This wool’s main attributes are luxury and
durability. In addition it’s hand-washable, easy to dye, and blends extremely well with
other fibers.

We Supply Angora Yarn with the Following Specifications:
Fiber content is 100% prime quality long Angora rabbit wool. Approx. 60 yds. per ball of
50 grams = 1 3/4 Oz. Suggested gauge is 9 sts.= 2″ on size 7 needles for a thick fur
looking 2″ pile. You need 10 balls for a bolero in size small as in the picture above and
12 to 14 if size medium.

Whether you prefer single jersey or more elaborate stitch, all Angora yarn makes every
garment from simple sweaters and scarves to very sophisticated evening jackets and bolero
cardigans beautiful, luxurious, and extremely comfortable. We offer a large range variety
of colors for your knitting fantasy.

Suggested gauge is 9 sts.= 2″ on size 7 needles (Nº 7 American is also Nº 7 in the UK)
for a thick fur looking 2″ pile. Balls are 50 grams or 1.6 oz., with aprox. 60 yards.

If you are new to knitting, angora yarn knitting with the basic stitches will make your
learning even more fun and enyable. If you need knitting help watch these videos by
clicking on these links: Long Tail cast-on (also known as Double Cast-On or Continental
Cast-On) and the knit and purl stitches. Those three techniques make up the vast majority
of any knitting project, and more so if you knit angora yarn.

Custom Sweaters, Scarves, Mittens, Leg Warmers… Hand Knitted for You

We knit custom knit and offer ready made Angora sweaters, boleros, scarves, mittens,
hats… coats and jackets for your pleasure. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote or for
more of our Angora yarn in a variety of colors… email: (aimee @)

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